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With 20 years of People Management experience, Hj. Othman is well equipped to handle any issues related to the human needs. His flair with human relations has carried him well through the realms of organizational bureaucracies, departmental inadequacies and the fallacy of employee expectations. His motive in life is to share his success stories and to help others opening up their eyes and discover their true potentials.

His motto:  If others can, we can too.

His desire to excel and to see others succeed has inspired him to embark on a journey to discover, develop and nurture others towards success. He first acquired his Diploma in Public Administration from ITM in 1981. To equip himself further, Hj.  Othman further his studies in 1983 after 2 years of explorative work with the national carrier. He went to complete his Bachelor of Business Administration at Idaho State University, USA in 1985. He works toward establishing himself as a dedicated and professional HR person. He develops skills in the area of Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Industrial Relations, Training & Development, and Organizational Management.

Seeking to further enhance his skills and knowledge, Hj Othman took time off in 1992 to pursue his passion, to be a lifetime learner. He completed his Masters of Science in Career and Human Resource Development at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA in December 1992.

Upon his return he started to embark on his journey of developing others. Using his human resource expertise Hj Othman started to develop his program on developing excellent people. His program, “Program Mengubah Minda: Ke Arah Kecemerlangan,” was used as the basic tool to develop excellent people. To date he has trained  people of various backgrounds from school children, government personnel, NGOs, to people from the corporate world. His final journey is to complete his research on how to develop excellent people in context of the Malaysian environment.

Today Hj. Othman is available to assist anyone to open up his or her window of opportunity and be successful in life. If others can do it why can’t you?